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The Zoo - Stormscale EU
Other Guild News

New site!

Yesuare, Oct 8, 10 7:45 AM.

The new site is the old site funnily enough.

Make sure to register and participate there.

The new URL to bookmark is:

New Plans

Yesuare, Sep 17, 10 5:21 AM.
Ok, we've decided to stay in Stormscale Horde!

We're probably going to use a different guild name though, please make suggestions on the forums.

I'm going to get a charter sorted and start inviting peoples level 1 alts as place holders so I can keep track of whos in and what class.

If you want to join please make a level 1 alt of the class you want to play, join and let us know what class / spec you plan to play.

This will begin soon in the meantime lets think of a name!

The Zoo in Cataclysm

Yesuare, Jul 14, 10 9:01 AM.
Hi Guys,
Before we took a raiding break in June I mentioned my intention to carry on with The Zoo for Cataclysm.  This is still very much the idea.

Aim in Cataclysm:
For me my aim is to really enjoy all aspects of the game, Cataclysm sounds like the perfect expantion to form a really friendly community.  I want a good core of people to play Battlegrounds, Areanas and Raid with.  Cataclysm is also a great opportunity to enjoy the story line with.  I do not feel some urgancy to be level 85 downing raid content!  For me and some others I've talked to we want to level from 1 to 85 and enjoy the hard work the Developers have put into the old world.

Come Join us:
I will most likely be rerolling to Alliance,  I might transfer over a character to the chosen server for BOA items, although Blizzard is discussing the idea of making BOA items Mailable between servers which would be awsome for this.
Join us and roll a fresh alliance char on the Cataclysm Release, let us really build a friendly atmosphere, level at our own speeds to 85 and then begin our PVP and PVE progress.  We should be able to have a very strong community and guild going by the friendlyness and enjoyment we had during The Zoo prime days.

What Next:
Well just enjoy the summer, make alts, try and kill Halion HC or LK HC!  Whatever you do now doesnt matter, but lets get together for Cataclysm.

Reply and chat on the post in General section.

Syndragosa dead! 11/12 Heroic 25!

Yesuare, May 27, 10 6:03 PM.

Grats guys keep up the work.  It sure gets easier when you stack melee rofl!  Good clean kill 0 dead.

The Zoo 10/12 [25H] PP Down!

Yesuare, May 17, 10 5:32 PM.
Congrats guys, some hard work payed off I guess guild repairs was all the extra incentive required to take down PP.  Now lets get Syndra down next week and earn ourselves a medal.  LK HC wipes are within our sights!

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The Zoo is currently not recruiting.
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